Weather Information

The one thing all pilots have to do is keep an eye on the weather, so this page lists a number of weather resources from the web.

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Victorian Forecasts Victorian Forecasts
Coastal Waters Forecast
Synoptic Synoptic
National simulation Australia wide winds simulation Forecast for up to a week for Australia or by state.  Seems to crash Firefox 3.
Bay Winds simulation Fairly reliable, fine-grained 36 hour winds forecast.
RASP RASP Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction (RASP) for Vic Not too reliable, and focused on the bay (which tends to get stronger sea breezes than the coast). Reasonable overview of the next few days' trend.


Victorian Observations Follow the links to individual stations to see the last 72 hours of data. South Channel Island is a good station for Port Philip Bay.
Rain radar
Australian Infra Red Australia IR animation Good for seeing what sort of weather is heading our way.
Brian Webb's weather page Brian Webb's weather info XC observations for various areas in Australia with forecasts of thermal and cloudbase heights.
Bay winds Baywinds and Temperature
Weatherwall Weatherwall CSIRO page for Eastern Port Philip Bay.

Sites with weather stations